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A mysterious young boy who can summon a blue spirit (Ugo) from a flute. Because he had been locked inside a "Sturdy Underground Room" with only Ugo for company, not only does he lack common sense about the world, but he also knows very little about himself. At the request of his only friend, Ugo, he sets off on a journey in search of a Djinn Metal Vessel.







A 17-year-old boy from the slums who works as a transporter of goods in Qishan. In order to acquire "enough money to buy a country", he plans to capture a dungeon. Hoping to harness the power of Aladdin’s Djinn Metal Vessel to capture the impregnable Dungeon No. 7, Amon, he invites Aladdin to join him on his dungeon-capturing expedition. At first glance, he seems to be a slick-tongued youth, but this is merely a technique to get on in the world; he is actually a kind-hearted, courageous young man who will get seriously angry, cry, and risk his life in battle if it's for "someone else's" sake.







A 14-year-old girl who is a member of the Fanaris warrior clan, a minority tribe from the Dark Continent. While suppressing her yearning for her homeland, she lives as a slave under Jamil, lord of Qishan. She possesses extraordinary physical skills - legs so powerful that she can scale walls, and a powerful sense of smell that enables her to detect humans in hiding by their odor. Her face is devoid of expression, and she is often sullen, but she has a brave, kind nature, and is a thoughtful girl.







A Djinn created from decorum and austerity, he has taken on the form of a dignified-looking, elderly man with a well-kept, lengthy beard. Referred to Ugo in respectful terms as "you, sir," and although Aladdin and the others were unable to understand what was being said, had a crucial conversation with him. He called Aladdin "Magi" - the one who chooses kings - and bowed down his head to him reverently. On the other hand, while recognizing Alibaba as worthy of becoming king, the Djinn tends not to take him seriously, thanks to Alibaba's immaturity. He transferred himself into the knife Alibaba always carries, making it a Metal Vessel.




Lord of the oasis town, Qishan, and owner of many slaves, including Morgiana. As a boy, the Tutor taught him such things as "how to use slaves," and as a result, he developed a violent and twisted personality. Seeking to capture a dungeon and have himself proclaimed king, he has long been awaiting the arrival of the Magi.




One of Jamil's slaves. A descendant of a northern nomadic tribe. Unable to speak because of a past injury, his face is concealed by a mask; he is a well-built man of remarkable power. As a slave, he unswervingly obeys Jamil's orders, and has also killed others upon command. Along with Morgiana, he accompanies Jamil on his dungeon-capturing expedition to guide his master past the dungeon traps.




A wealthy wine merchant. He values his own money and products over human life, and shows complete contempt for anyone of lower class than himself. On the other hand, he sucks up with a vengeance to anyone with authority. Persistently shows up wherever Aladdin and the others go.




Known as a "Magi," he is a boy with long, dark hair. He has a somewhat evil aura about him. He appeared in the skies above Qishan with the same Tutor who spurred on Jamil, and unleashed a power so tremendous that it affected the dungeon. As of now, his true identity and objectives are still shrouded in mystery.








■SINBAD (center)

A renowned leader, as King of Sindria, he is adored by his citizens. Having captured Dungeon No. 1, Baal, at 14, he has conquered the Seven Seas, as well as seven dungeons, and commands multiple Djinns. Although he is respected by his retainers, known as the Eight Generals - masters of magic and swordsmanship - he is also a bad drunk, and has caused them countless headaches, such as when the Metal Vessels were stolen from him while in a drunken stupor.


■JA'FAR (left)

One of the Eight Generals who has pledged loyalty to Sinbad, he is a master of assassination techniques. Normally, he serves as a government official of the Kingdom of Sindria, but often finds himself at his wits' end, having to deal with non-political issues such as Sinbad's problem drinking and womanizing. Normally a soft-spoken young man, he has another side to him - whenever someone insults Sinbad, he is known to fly into murderous rages in spite of himself.


■MASRUR (right)

One of the Eight Generals who has pledged loyalty to Sinbad. Like Morgiana, he is a member of the Fanaris clan, and possesses extraordinary physical skills. When he first met Sinbad, he was a young gladiator (a warrior who competed in martial arts games). Currently, he serves Sinbad as a combatant who maximizes his physical skills rather than his sword. He is a man of few words, and rarely shows any sign of emotion.