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25 Tony Oliver (ADR Director)



Hello, my name is: Tony Oliver .
I am the ADR Director of Magi. 

I've also directed:
  • Fate/Zero
  • Gurren Lagann 
  • Nura: Rise of the Yokai Clan
  • K-On!
  • Eureka Seven…and many more!

You find more about me at:


Now that we’ve aired all of the episodes on Neon Alley, looking back can you tell us about your experience directing the series overall?
It was a great show to work on. The cast was wonderful to work with which kept the sessions fun and enjoyable. Some of the actors on the show are relatively new to the business and it was the first time I’ve gotten to direct them. It’s great to work with new talent and see how they bring these characters to life. Also working with Aniplex is always a pleasure. They really care about the quality of the work we do and provide great support. And speaking of support, Bang Zoom! Entertainment, where we recorded the show is the best. Great studios, great people and everything anyone could want to produce a top notch Anime.

One of Magi's overarching themes was "personal growth." There were new young cast members in this series, including the leads, Erica as Aladdin and Erik as Alibaba, and all the AX callbacks, being supported by many established VAs. Please tell us what you have to say about your VAs as the director!
Some of the new talents on the show have been my students in the past and it was wonderful to see how they’ve developed into talented professionals. I’ve known Erik for a few years, but this was my first time working with him in a major role. He’s very dedicated and works hard to get the character right. Erica is a natural. I don’t think anyone else could have played Aladdin as well as she did. I really enjoyed working with the AX call back winners. There’s nothing quite like the first time you walk into a studio to play a role in a real show. Watching them come in and have that experience, brought back memories of my first time. On top of that they all did a great job!

What do you want fans to watch out for when watching the English version of MAGI?
Along with all the action and comedy in the show, there is a lot of heart. It comes out most as Aladdin interacts with the guest characters and we learn of their back stories. I’d encourage everyone to look beyond the surface of the show and discover the wonderful moments of heart and emotion woven into the fabric of the story.

What is your next adventure? 
I’m very busy now directing a new anime series which I can’t announce but, like Magi, features some new talent along with some of your favorite voice actors. As far as conventions are concerned I’ll be appearing at Anime Detour in Minnesota the first weekend of April. Of course I’ll be at AX again this year and at Power Morphicon in Pasadena this August. In July I’ll be appearing on stage in a production of the musical “Cabaret” at the LA Summerfest Theater Festival in Santa Clarita.

Do you have any message for the fans?
Thank you all so much for watching Magi and all the other Anime you enjoy. It’s a privilege to bring these shows to you. Because of you, those of us who work in this industry are given the gift of getting to do what we love.

24 Erica Mendez (Aladdin) & Erik Scott Kimerer (Alibaba)



Hello, my name is: Erica Mendez.
I play Aladdin in Magi. 

You've also heard me as:
  • Pac in Pac-Man and the Ghostly Adventures
  • Micie Sun Mussemburg in Ateleir Escha & Logy
  • Esmyrelda Maximus in Cryamore 

You can follow me at:

(Twitter): @tsunderica

How do you feel now that you finished recording MAGI?
Honestly? A little sad.. But mostly happy! It's been really fulfilling to see how everything turned out. I really enjoyed hearing the cast bring the characters to life.

Has anything changed after you played Aladdin?
Well, I certainly got a lot more convention invites than I did when I didn't play Aladdin, haha. I also feel more confident as an actor and I think a lot of that comes from all of the people who have reached out to me to mention how much they enjoyed hearing me as Aladdin each week. It's been a very humbling experience.

What do you have to say about MAGI’s 2nd Season series: the Kingdom of Magic?!
It's really amazing! I'm sure I've mentioned that I was already a big fan of the first series, but season 2 has been even better in my opinion. So many great new characters and plus you get Aladdin in an oversized wizard robe and hat. What's cuter than that?? I'd love to see a dub of it ;D

What is your next adventure? 
Lots of conventions! I've got Sakura-con, Anime Fest Wichita, Matsuricon, and Yama-con coming up. And I've also got a bunch of cool role announcements to talk about soon! I'm super excited.

Do you have any message for the fans?
Thank you SO much for supporting Magi! It's been a crazy ride and I hope you've enjoyed it as much as I have. The first season may have come to an end, but that doesn't mean we have to cut our adventure short. I feel like this is only just the beginning (:

Hello, my name is Erik Scott Kimerer.

I play Alibaba in Magi.

You've also heard me as:
  • Ducker in Sword Art Online
  • Ryuuji Takasu in Toradora
  • Haruyuki Arita in Accel World 

You can follow me at:

(Twitter): @tekimerer

How do you feel now that you finished recording MAGI?
Incredibly grateful for the opportunity. Alibaba really grew a lot through the show and overcame a lot of obstacles. It was amazing to go on that journey with him. And as always it was incredible to work with friends, some of whom have seen me grow since the beginning of my own journey.

Has anything changed after you played Alibaba?
My voice is certainly stronger! Alibaba had a lot of yelling and shouting, haha. But if anything, any role helps you develop as an actor because it's always completely new. I learned a lot through playing Alibaba and I'm excited to take it forward with me.

What do you have to say about MAGI’s 2nd Season series: the Kingdom of Magic?!
I've seen the first few episodes and definitely have plans to watch the rest. A lot of people tell me Alibaba has some really awesome moments, which I'm looking forward to.

What is your next adventure?
Just recently it was announced Toradora will be re-released with a dub and I'm playing Ryuuji Takasu in it! On top of that, in a couple weeks I will be travelling with a lot of Magi co-stars to my home state of Washington to attend Sakura-con, and already we've been given a lot to look forward to. More convention appearances to be announced shortly.

23 Erika Harlacher (Dunya)



Hello, my name is: Erika Harlacher.
I play Dunya in Magi. 

You've also heard me as:
  • Sasha in Sword Art Online
  • Kyoko Kirigiri in Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc 
  • Sadira in Killer Instinct  

You can follow me at:

(Twitter): @ErikaHarlacher

How was it like to play the tragic princess Dunya?
It was really fun! When I learned I’d been cast as a princess I was expecting a cute girl perhaps surrounded by little woodland critters, but… well, let’s just say that wasn’t the case. Dunya is definitely not your average princess! She’s a very interesting character to say the least, and I had an absolute blast bringing her to life in the booth.

Please tell us how you trained and started your career as a VA!
I’ve been acting since I was very young. I loved being in school plays (I was very annoyed when they wouldn’t let me play Jack in Jack and the Beanstalk when I was six because I was a girl… I was born for that role, Teach!!) and I was on Speech and Mock Trial teams up until my senior year of high school; I still use skills that I learned on those teams in my work today! I discovered some online voice over forums in my freshmen year of college, went to my first convention (Anime Expo) that summer where I found out about Bang Zoom’s Adventures in Voice Acting workshops with Tony Oliver, and as soon as I stepped into that first workshop I was bit by the VO bug! I changed my major to Theatre at the end of that quarter and have been training to be an actor ever since. I take voice over and acting classes outside of school as well whenever I get the chance so I can keep improving as much as possible. I want to keep working as hard as I can to hone my skills – my training journey is far from over!

How did you enjoy working with Tony Oliver to give life to the English version of Dunya?
I LOVED working with Tony on this project! Tony was my first director for a professional project (incidentals in K-On! way back when) as well as my first voice over teacher, and I always have just as much fun working with him on every new project as I did on that very first one. He’s a fantastic director and is very good at helping me understand the character. Dunya was particularly fun since she’s so… unpredictable. It was a really exciting session! Thank you Aniplex for giving me the opportunity to work with Tony again!

What is your next adventure? 
I have some very exciting things (both anime and videogame related) right around the corner, so keep your eyes peeled! Unfortunately I can’t name any of my latest projects just yet, but I have a feeling you guys will be very excited about them. I know I am!!

Do you have any message for the fans?
Thank you all so much for your support!! It’s so cool (and extremely surreal) to me that people are starting to know who I am, and I am eternally grateful to each and every one of you! I really hope that I get to meet some of you lovely people at conventions this year so I can give you all big hugs :) Feel free to let your local cons know that you want me to stop by so I’m not lurking out in the bushes like a creeper, though. That would be kinda awkward.Love you all!

22 Doug Erholtz (Zagan)



Hello, my name is: Doug Erholtz.
I play Zagan in Magi. 

You've also heard me as:
  • Kayneth El-Melloi Archibald in Fate/Zero 
  • Grumpy Bear in the Care Bears 
  • Asuma Sarutobi in Naruto 
  • Gin Ichimaru in Bleach  

You can follow me at:

Working on a new Website right now! 

How did you enjoy playing the super *stylish* Djinn Zagan?
Stylish?  Ummm…   dude was half naked! ;)

You have a long list of credits in Anime titles. How did you become a VA and how did you first get involved in this industry? 
First temp job in Los Angeles was working as an executive assistant for a major entertainment company.  I was asked by one of the girls in casting if I could sing.  Next thing I know, I'm recording a song with the Olsen twins.Very strange!

A lot of crazy things happen in Anime!  What type of character or acting do you enjoy playing the most? 
I love the funny, zany over the top kind of characters the most.  

What is your next adventure? 
I'm currently developing my own projects…   Several animated properties of varying genre.

Do you have any message for the fans?
Rock on, my Ninjas!

21 Darrel Guilbeau (Ren Hakuryu)



Hello, my name is: Darrel Guilbeau.
I play Ren Hakuryu in Magi. 

You've also heard me as:
  • Mikado Ryugamine in Durarara!!
  • Amaimon in Blue Exorcist
  • Rikuo in Nura: Rise of the Yokai Clan

You can follow me at:

Anime News Network
Or just Google my name!

How was it like to play the naive yet strong-willed Hakuryu?
I really enjoyed the dynamic of voicing this character, which at first glance seems to haveit all together, but is really quite clueless at times. He thinks he can control situations yet they always fall short of his expectations.

Hakuryu can get a little emotional from time to time, but the story of MAGI also demonstrates Hakuryu’s coming of age story. Do you have any memorable moments at the recording session you can share with us?
It was so much fun to voice scenes when Hakuryu couldn't keep his emotions in check and would have a complete mental meltdown.

You seem to voice young boys often. How do you enjoy staying young forever?!
I love it, keeps me young at heart. Hopefully will be voicing young roles when I'm 100! If they can wheel me in the sound booth!

Can you tell us about your next adventures?
Will be a guest at No Brand Con in Eau Claire, WI. April 25-27. Also looking forward to voicing a new anime at Bang Zoom in the near future.

Do you have any message for the fans?
I hope all of you will enjoy watching "Magi" as much as I've enjoyed working on the series. It is because of devoted fans like you, ANIPLEX can bring great anime from Japan for all to see. If I'm ever at a Con in your town, don't forget to say hi. I'm so grateful to be a part of your anime world!

20 Vic Mignogna (Ka Kobun)



Hello, my name is: Vic Mignogna.
I play Ka Kobun in Magi. 

You've also heard me as:
  • Edward Elric - Fullmetal Alchemist
  • Tamaki - Ouran Highschool Host Club
  • Ikkaku - Bleach

You can follow me at:

(The Official Vic Mignogna Fan Club)
(Twiiter) @vicmignogna

How was it like to play the comedic and cunning villain Ka Kobun?
Many actors will tell you that villains are often the most fun to play. I guess that’s because we ourselves are not villains! Plus, villains are often more complex than heroes. I loved Ka Kobun for all of his humor and villainy!

You seem to play good looking heroic types a lot, too! What do you enjoy when voicing different types of characters?
I WISH I were as good looking as some of my characters! The best part of voice acting is that you are able to play characters that you would never be cast as in a live action on camera role. Whether it’s a teenaged alchemist or a giant muscle bound super seiyan, I’d never be cast in those roles on screen. That’s one of the great things about being a voice actor!

Plush dolls of Ka Kobun may not be available for purchase. But, please tell us secretly… do you collect the merchandise of the characters you played?!
I am not ashamed to say yes, I do! Also, fans regularly give me gifts of things related to my characters, and I keep it all. There’s one room in my home that you should NOT open the door to :-)

What is your next adventure?
I’m working on many exciting shows and games, and have a ton of personal appearances lined up at conventions around the country. Check out my convention schedule at and come say hi!

Do you have any message for the fans?
To the fans….. you will never know how much your support and enthusiasm for my work means to me. I am blessed beyond my wildest dreams to get to do something I love and also know that I have the privilege to entertain, encourage, and even in some cases inspire you to push through hard times, or rise to a challenge, or pursue a dream. THANK YOU… you have brought more joy to my life than you know and I will forever be grateful for that!

19 The AX 2013 Open Audition Call-Backs


Hello, my name is Sean Finkle.

In Magi, I played:
  • I played various incidental characters, including an ant monster in the first dungeon,
    a brothel owner, a man handing Ugo's Flute to Aladdin in a bandit prison,
    and lots of guards and citizens!

You can find more about me at:

I'm a little behind the times as far as social media, but I do have a LinkedIn page
and an old Youtube channel where some of my very first, and oldest, works
reside! Don't expect Magi-level performances in that old stuff, though.


Tell us your experience voicing in MAGI?
It was awesome! Meeting everyone at Bang Zoom! and Sawako from Aniplex was an experience I won't soon forget. The studio was a great place to record, and we got it all done in one quick session. I was told these sorts of things can sometimes take longer, and that the swiftness of completing the work was a sign of good talent. I was incredibly flattered and humbled to be a part of something as fun as Magi as my first professional role, and would hope I have the chance to work together with both Aniplex and Bang Zoom! again in the future.

What kind of training did you have, that lead you to pass the audition for MAGI?
I took a few acting classes in college, but the biggest help were voice acting classes from Bang Zoom! taught by the great Tony Oliver, and other classes by a few other prominent voice actors, such as Crispin Freeman. If anyone is looking for a way to improve their acting skills and voice acting skills at the same time, I highly recommend both of these sets of classes. They will give you a vast resource of fantastic insight for your future endeavors.

Tell us about your audition at AX 2013 at Bang Zoom! booth!
I was nervous, really. But it was also very fun. I figured that the worst thing that could happen was that I'd fail, but at least I'd tried. When I got up in front of the mic, I pulled from all the training I'd had up to that point, and out of my mouth came one of the best impromptu performances I've ever done. I was shaking from the adrenaline when it ended, but I felt good. A few weeks after AX had ended, I was hanging out with a friend of mine and got the call that I'd been selected from the tryouts. The hardest part was keeping the reason for my excitement secret from my friend!

Tell us about your dreams and next adventure!
I haven't yet done anything to compare to what I did for Magi, but let's just say I've been a part of some much-anticipated things coming down the pipe, and I'm eager to see how they turn out. That said, my dream is to continue to be a part of this industry. I love it, and no other job in the world compares.

Message to other VA apprentices:
Never give up on your goals. The road is sometimes rocky or filled with failure, but with every step, we walk a little farther, climb a little higher. Your future is what you make of it, and training yourself, taking an active interest in your dreams, is the only real way to make them pay off.

Hello, my name is Adin Rudd.

In Magi, I played:
  • Enshin
  • Other Additional Voices

You can find more about me at:


Tell us your experience voicing in MAGI?
It was a ton of fun! Tony was one of the most specific directors I’ve worked with in a while. He always gave me a lot to work with, and I feel it shows in the final product. This Enshin was a really fun role to do (along with the additional voices, which were also pretty cool!)

What kind of training did you have, that lead you to pass the audition for MAGI?
I’m a theatre student at Cal State Fullerton, currently in my sophomore year in the Acting program. I’ve been taking quite a few acting classes for the past few years now (I did some when I was younger too, but didn’t do it again until after I finished high school). I’ve attended several panels on Voice Acting at conventions, I’ve had previous roles in radio dramas (I actually still do work on radio dramas) and those have given me quite a bit of valuable experience as well.

Tell us about your audition at AX 2013 at Bang Zoom! booth!
Honestly, I don’t want to sound arrogant here, but that might have been one of my best audition performances ever. Actually, I’d spent the whole day preparing for it; I did several meditation exercises, I showed up to the booth as early as possible to make sure I got in (I remembered that in 2012 it was so difficult to get a spot), I also did plenty of vocal warm-ups. When I finally got to the part of the line where you got to look at character descriptions, I took everything into account (appearance, archetype, backstory, voice range, everything) and I chose the “Wandering King” archetype due to the fact that my voice thrives best in the lower register and that I’ve worked on many characters similar to that archetype. I went to the front and one thing stuck in my head; focus on the tragedy, not the brooding. After that, I had a great audition, Bang Zoom called me back for an in-studio audition (which was VERY in depth, I loved it), and they gave me a ton of feedback. I loved every second of the experience.

Tell us about your dreams and next adventure!
I have a few radio dramas coming out through Pendant Audio (check them out on facebook!). I’m going to be in one called Phantom Canyon, a western horror series, and a Radio Drama of Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night as Sir Toby.

Message to other VA apprentices:
Just always take every opportunity available. Amateur gigs give you experience which makes you better at the craft. And remember; ACTING is always the most important aspect of the career. Try to take some acting classes! And remember, just have fun with it!!

Hello, my name is Faye Mata.

In Magi, I played:
  • Tiare
  • Various background characters

You can find more about me at:

(Twiiter) @PrincessAura

Tell us your experience voicing in MAGI?
Voice acting in Magi was surreal. Playing Tiare was a true test to my voice acting capabilities in every sense. She is a young, cute, yet strong character and I first had to summon up a voice that would appropriately represent that. On top of that, she was very emotional in every scene she was in, and I had to really sell all the feels. There was hope, helplessness, terror, gratitude, sorrow. Though small, it was a powerful role, and it really put my acting skills to the test!

Besides Tiare, I got to do several background voices that were really fun. Angry mobs, gross monsters, sexy chicks, strange forest creatures, cackling witches, etc. I took for granted how much work and talent goes into just the walla of a show. Groups of us huddled over a microphone and belted out voices we didn’t even know we had, improvising and making magic. We did not have to be main characters. We got to have professional sessions doing ALL KINDS of voices to test our ranges, and I think it’s that challenge and fun that was the true take away from it. I highly respect those VA’s who accept the challenge of the call for versatility and take it head on.

It was a very invigorating and unique challenge, and I’m incredibly honored that I was trusted with an emotional role such as Tiare’s for being a noob coming in. That kind of trust from Bang Zoom and Aniplex is inspiring. They want to make the best shows they can with true talent, and when that much faith is put in you, you want to give your all at 150% and push yourself to get even better. Why? Because I’d do it again in a heartbeat.

What kind of training did you have, that lead you to pass the audition for MAGI?
I attended Tony Oliver’s very helpful Adventures in Voice Acting classes and practiced over the years through various original projects online.

Tell us about your audition at AX 2013 at Bang Zoom! booth!
The audition at AX 2013 was a lot of fun! I treated it how I believe you should treat every audition opportunity. Voice acting is something I’ve always loved and wanted to do, but I went in not really expecting anything out of it. I just wanted to get up there and rock the microphone.

Tell us about your dreams and next adventure!
My dream is to build a repertoire of varying character voices. If I’m type cast at a range, that’s cool, too, but I think I would revel even more so at a portfolio of characters with very different voices. I’d be really proud to have scenes where I’m pretty much talking to myself… but you can’t tell! Hahaha!

My next adventures involve more acting training and continuing to audition for every opportunity. No one can stop me! I’m already on amazing projects I can’t reveal just yet, so stay tuned.

Message to other VA apprentices:
I realized that doing a cute anime voice is one skill, but it’s the acting part that can really sell the role. You feel yourself change from “I’m doing this cool voice that isn’t my own” to “I AM Tiare.” Don’t just take voice acting classes. Take acting classes. Tony Oliver taught me that and I’ve been telling others, too, ever since. It makes perfect sense, especially after playing the front cart of an emotional roller coaster.

If you audition for anything in the future, tuck your nerves away and relax. I think something that helped a lot with my AX audition was that I was not bogging my mind down with thoughts such as “this is my one chance” or “don’t fail, don’t suck.” You like voice acting? Just go out and do it. Did you enjoy it? Great! You did it right. Profit from the mere thrill of that opportune moment. Getting called back is the bonus and the start of a new quest line; NOT the main goal. Think of it that way, keep practicing and training between those audition opportunities, and I think you’ll stay confident, keep yourself going, and therefore land more roles.

18 Mami Okada (Casting Director)


Hello, my name is Mami Okada.
I am the Casting Director for Magi.

You’ve also cast VAs in:
There are too many to list but to name a few major anime titles:
  • Sword Art Online
  • Puella Magi: Madoka Magica
  • Blue Exorcist
  • Fate/Zero

You can find more about me/Bang Zoom at:
Bang Zoom! Entertainment Official Facebook:

My Bang Zoom! Facebook is under Mami BZ.

(Twitter) @mummynyan

Please tell us about the usual casting process for Anime at Bang Zoom!
What we care most about casting anime is to find the voice that portrays the original Japanese actor’s tone, quality and emotions very well so that the audience will have the same experience watching the show in English. I usually watch the entire series before starting the casting, so that I understand the characters very well and their emotional adventures that they will take throughout the series, and that way I can make sure to find someone who can achieve that. Most of the time we will have a list of characters for who our producers would like to hear auditions. I first start out auditioning quite a good number of actors, then narrow down to my selections for recommendation (or as other casting directors would call it, “the short list”.) Sometimes we will do multiple callback auditions to decide the top choices. For the very main characters, normally our producers will submit them to Japan for the final decision.

Please tell us about the casting of MAGI!
I had a great time working on the casting of MAGI! Sawako, the producer of the English version of MAGI, was very into working with new faces! I had many young actors whom I’d known from our Workshops and Open Auditions/AX Idol that I’d love to introduce & cast. I was very confident that they would bring great quality to the show – especially with Tony’s guidance, as he is a great director & teacher. I was also excited to bring all the experienced actors to play many interesting characters that make MAGI so special!

Bang Zoom! held the Open Auditions at Anime Expo 2013, and about a dozen people were called back for walla and 3 VA apprentices were chosen to actually voice small parts in MAGI. Can you share with us how the whole process was received by the fans?
One thing struck me when I watched MAGI was that there are many, many characters!! So when we were planning the events & schedules of Bang Zoom! Booth for AX, I had an idea to do an open call specifically for MAGI. We did the general Open Auditions at our booth in 2012, and we had a great turnout and I was very amazed by the level & passion of the participants! So I knew that we could find great talent who are pretty much ready to be pros. It was just a small idea to do something exciting, but I was amazed by the positive responses from our team and Aniplex! At the convention there were sooo many people who wanted to be a part of it, and the response was just amazing. Everyone supported each other, whether they participated or observed, or they got in line but could not perform because we ran out of time… I kept receiving great feedback, and that some people even told me that it changed their lives! I’m very happy that we were able to open a small door to those who are excited about voice acting, and we couldn’t have done it without a company like Aniplex, who is open to new and eccentric ideas! The only regret I have is that I could not callback more people… there were just too many people that impressed me!!

What do you enjoy the most about your job as a casting director? Can you share with us some memorable moments with some VAs?
I am so grateful for every moment that I get to work as a casting director. After so many years working together with many of the actors, they never stop impressing us and they always have new characters/voices that they come up with! I love the moment when we *thought* we knew the show and the characters very well, and an actor walks in the booth, reads a line in a completely unexpected way and all of us in the room go “yeah, that’s it!!” :-) I also love the fact that casting is a collaborative effort – I always really appreciate the feedback that I receive from the producers and the fans.

Now, as Casting Director, what is your advice for those who want to become VAs?
Never stop working on yourself. If you do get an audition, be confident – and have fun! If you are nervous, we can hear it in your voice :-) There is always a character that will be right for you.

Message to fans:
Thank you so much for watching MAGI & I hope you are enjoying our English version! Without you none of this would have happened, so thank you! :-)

17 Sean Chiplock (Cassim)


Hello, my name is Sean Chiplock.
I play Cassim in Magi.

You've also heard me as:
  • Kiyotaka Ishimaru, in Dangan Ronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc
  • Gruda, Ozma, and Leo, in Ys: Memories of Celceta
  • Diabel, in Sword Art Online

You can follow me at:

So, tonight is the premiere of the famous Episode 17! Please tell us about your experience playing the emotionally dynamic Cassim?
Cassim is one of those perfect examples that proves you don’t have to be the hero to be cool (and sometimes, being the anti-hero is even cooler)! He challenged me in so many ways, going from content and energetic in one episode, to dejected, upset, or downright furious in the next. He was hands down the most complex character I’ve played to date, but that’s also why he’s my favorite by far.

How did you and the director Tony Oliver create your version of Cassim?
The great thing about Cassim is that many of his traits could be connected to my own life experiences – his strong sense of determination and desire to act on what he feels is right, his moments of jealousy, and even his powerful bonds with his friends are all things that I also related to. Tony and I worked together to draw those experiences out from inside and put them right there onscreen, resulting in a much more authentic performance overall!

If you could play another character in MAGI, who do you want to voice for and why?
Cassim may have a powerful drive, but Ja'far is SUPER cool because he DOESN’T have to shout to get his point across. Can you imagine the kind of power a guy’s gotta have to be like that? From a professional angle too, I think it’d be really challenging to play a character who is more reserved in general. Maybe I should trap him with the Black Binding Fog Sword and force him to reveal his secrets…

What is your next adventure?
I’ll be a Guest of Honor at TexanCon this February 14-16th, along with a slew of other extremely talented people! If you can’t drop by, you can for sure find me at this year’s Anime Expo, where I’ll be supporting my peers and making them laugh at AX Last Comic Standing. As for projects?...Well, you’ll see soon enough… or hear, I guess!

Do you have any message to the fans?
We may not have genies here in the real world, but that’s because we ALL have the power to grant our own wishes! Work hard, always keep dreaming, and you’ll easily discover enough to write your OWN 1001 Arabian Nights! ;)

16 Patrick Rodman (Re-Recording Mixer)


Hello, my name is Patrick Rodman, CAS
I am the Re-Recording Mixer for Magi.

We understand that you mix the dialogues of all the characters recorded separately into one complete show. Could you tell us a little about the process of making it sound natural as if they are in one place and having conversations together?
When blending the dialogue together I make sure that the ambiences or locations they are in are the same to make it seem as though they were recorded at the same time. This is done using reverbs, Eq and other processors. This also allows me to mix perspectives to where the other characters are in position to each other.

Are there any differences between how the Japanese mix and the American mix sound that many people may not realize?
In general, the Japanese mix tends to be more for TV where the English mix is for DVD/Blu-Ray so we don’t need to compress the mix as much. This lets us bring more theatrical dynamics in certain spots. So when there are explosions we can turn them up more than if we were mixing for TV, and the quieter dramatic spots we can turn down lower to make the mood of the scene better.

Actually the intent of Bang Zoom Mixing style is to preserve the original creators’ intentions. We match as close as we can to what the Japanese mixers did using our own processes. I would like to say that the English quality is the same as the Japanese.

So, can you secretly tell us about any interesting sounds you hear when you’re cleaning the dialogues of the Magi VAs?
Once in a while you hear left over dialogue that was not edited all the way or stomach gurgles and sometimes cussing when the actor gets mad at themselves for blowing a take!

As a mixer, which scene/dialogue in Magi was the most memorable for you that you would love the fans to also watch out for?
I really liked the first few episodes since they are usually the ones that set the impression on you as a first-time-viewer, but I would say watch them all, I think they are all really good!

15 Jun Umeda (Recording Engineer)


Hello, my name is Jun Umeda.
I am the Recording Engineer for Magi.

We understand that you sit in the session with the Director and record the VAs’ performances. What kind of things do you do to capture quality sound?
Making sure that the talent feels comfortable in the booth (whether they are sitting/standing) and the script is at a good distance etc. is key since sessions often run a couple hours long. From there I find the “sweet spot” for the microphone and go with my ears.

What are some good ways the VAs can prepare before recording?
The microphone is very sensitive and does pick up the faintest of sounds. So I guess they should make sure that they don’t come in on an empty stomach. :-)

Which character do you think yells the loudest in Magi?
Alibaba had his good share of yelling and it was interesting to see how Erik was able to keep up that high amplitude throughout.

Which actors' ad-libs do you think were the funniest in Magi?
Patrick Seitz. It was fun recording Ugo when he didn’t have a “head” and going off of just his body movements which made up for some funny ad-libs.

Which actor in your opinion was the King of Comedy in Magi?
Patrick Seitz and Keith Silverstein are very witty individuals that make you laugh during sessions.

14 Karen Strassman (Paimon/Zainab)



Hello, my name is: Karen Strassman.
I play Paimon/Zainab in Magi. 

You've also heard me as:
  • Aigis and Nanako in Persona
  • Kallen in Code Geass
  • Soifon and Momo in Bleach
  • Miyuki in Lucky Star

You can follow me at:

You played two opposite types of characters in Magi-the sexy blue djinn Paimon and the tough girl Zainab. How do you get into the characters and act differently?
I followed the characters as the artists had created them and was inspired by the wonderful Japanese performances.

From dialog coach to on-camera actor, you're involved in various forms of acting. Please tell us about what you do besides VA for Anime, which many anime fans might not know about!
• Played Jolene Waite on Weeds
• I am playing one of the lead characters in GOOGLE’s exciting new hybrid game/series called INGRESS. Live action. It’s awesome! Check it out!
• Voice all 24 female characters on MONSUNO
• Numerous characters in MONSTER HIGH
• Series lead in new live action TV series, SIGNS
• Over 100 video games (Including League of Legends, Starcraft II, Street Fighter, Tekken, Zero Escape, Final Fantasy, Silent Hill….)
• Olivia in LEGO FRIENDS
• Lead in feature film LIE WITH ME (I play an Irish mother dying of cancer

What do you find special about voicing Anime characters?
Anime is so crazy, imaginative and creative; I never know what is going to happen next!! Sometimes the characters are completely out there, big and crazy, or mind-blowingly cute, or goofy-sexy, and then sometimes there are scenes that can be so incredibly real and human that they can move you to tears or shivers.

What is your next adventure?
I am loving the new INGRESS project with GOOGLE. It’s becoming huge (people are playing it all over the world, and they are flying me all over the place, and we are shooting in some really cool locations).

I’m also excited about my lead role in SIGNS, which will be shooting throughout Europe.

Also… quite a few projects that I’ve signed NDA’s on… But hopefully I can share more soon…

Do you have any message for the fans?
Trust your heart and gut and follow your dreams. Don’t be afraid to be different. Don’t be afraid to takes risks or challenges – they are what make us grow. Be careful not to spend too much time in negativity. Always look towards the light… Follow the place of joy and light inside yourself, and be kind. You never know what someone else has lived or what they are going thru… All these things will bring you closer to your own dreams, your own compassion and passion, your own heart, and your own brilliance… xoxo!!

13 Tony Oliver (Sahbmad)


Hello, my name is: Tony Oliver.
I play Sahbmad in Magi. 

You've also heard me as:
  • Minato, The 4th Hokage, in Naruto
  • Ulquiorra in Bleach
  • Lupin in Lupin the 3rd (TV Series)
  • Hibiki in Vandread
  • Shinbo in Chobits
  • Rick Hunter in Robotech

You can follow me at:

Sahbmad actually played a key role in helping to expose the truth behind Ahbmad's misguided plans. What kind of things were you trying to emphasize when playing Sahbmad?
Mostly I concentrated on the conflicting feelings he was having. He didn't feel Ahbmad as doing the right thing, but he was loyal to his brother. Also he felt somewhat powerless against his brothers because of his lack of inner strength and confidence. I worked at trying to make that aspect of him play strongly in the character.

You've been working on the front lines as a VA in anime for a long time. Could you tell us a little about how your career started?
I started as a stage actor doing mostly musicals in Los Angeles. One day I answered an ad in a local acting trade publication looking for young sounding voices. I auditioned and got a small part doing background voices for a French film. The producers liked me and had me audition for an anime feature called "The Sea Prince and the Fire Child." I got the lead. I was a bit terrified because I didn't really have any experience doing that sort of acting. The film eventually made it on to television and from that I got a call to audition for an anime series. That turned out to be Robotech and I've been a voice actor and director ever since.

Please share your memorable anime moment as a VA with us!
There have been many experiences in the studio recording which have been memorable and even life changing to a small extent. But the real moments I treasure are the ones with the fans. I've had more than one person approach me and tell me that watching a show I was in or directed inspired them to become whatever it is they are now, be it artist, soldier, martial artist or other endeavor. I think the two most memorable occurred at the same convention in Seattle a few years ago. The first was a soldier who literally had just gotten off the plane from Baghdad and came to see me at the con. I ended up spending over an hour talking to him about his experiences over there. He really inspired me with the courage and dedication our men and women in uniform exhibit every day. Later at the same convention, the con Chairman came to me and asked me to talk to a young woman who was at the con and wanted to meet me, but had some severe emotional challenges and didn't really speak much in public. Of course I said yes and when I met her she could barely look at me. I asked her if she wanted a hug and when she nodded I gave her one. She burst into tears. We ended up talking for a little while and it turns out that the anime she watched – and specifically some of the titles I was in - were the only thing she had found that made her feel good and that kept her from going off the deep end. It was that meeting that made it clear to me how much the things we get to work on touch the people who watch.

What is your next adventure?
I'm currently performing in a musical in San Francisco. When I get back to LA I'll be directing a couple of anime series (to be announced) and will continue doing voice work on Naruto. There are a couple of video games in my future too.

Do you have any message for the fans?
Thank you all for watching and enjoying the work we all love so much to do. Without you, I wouldn't be here.

12 Chris Cason (ADR Script Writer)


Hello, my name is Chris Cason.
I am the ADR Script Writer for Magi.

I've also written ADR Scripts for:
  • Case Closed
  • Bamboo Blade
  • AM Driver
Assistant Writer for:
  • Ouran High School Host Club
  • Witchblade
  • Negima

You can follow me at:
(Facebook): Chris Cason's Anime Chuckle Hut
(Twitter): @Casonworld

Can you tell us about how ADR script writing for anime usually works?
Initially, the writer is given his/her assignment and begins researching the property (via internet, the manga, or both). After formatting the provided translations, the writer is given around three days to a week to complete the adaptation. Matching lip "flaps" and fleshing out the characters-while not straying from the original writer's intent-is the primary goal. Can it be frustrating, at times? Yes! But, it's all worth it in the end!

What do you need to do to become an ADR script writer?
First and foremost, it helps to have a literary background and a passion for writing. Equally, though, I think you must have a great understanding of the recording process. For this particular medium, it is crucial that you've experienced the process, first hand. Many ADR script writers are also VAs and ADR directors (for this reason). And, I think the old adage is true: "The more you do, the more you get to do."

What is the most challenging or fun part about ADR script writing?
For me, the most challenging part is also the most fun: fitting the "flaps" properly while servicing the original storyline.

Also, there's nothing like seeing your words jump off the page when a talented director and cast work together. That's an extremely rewarding feeling!

Can you tell us about your experience with writing the Magi ADR script?
Content-wise, I really enjoyed this show's mix of comedy, action, and drama. The characters go to exotic locations and do super-human things…yet, they're instantly relatable and identifiable. You empathize with these people, immediately, and happily join them on their magical journey.

Professionally, Magi was my first opportunity to work with Bang Zoom! and Aniplex of America. It was a wonderful experience! Everyone was very professional and truly supportive.

In Magi, which scene did you enjoy writing about the most?
My favorite scene involved the final one between Cassim and Alibaba. Without spoiling it, for those who haven't seen it, I thought it was incredibly touching and a really poignant moment for the two characters.

What is your next adventure?
Unfortunately, I can't really speak about the things that are coming up next. But…it's exciting stuff!

Do you have any message to our fans?
Thanks again for watching and supporting anime! It has a special meaning for us, too, and that's why it's so gratifying to bring these shows to others.

If you want to see what I'm up to…or just want to say "Hey!"…you can go to Chris Cason's Anime Chuckle Hut on Facebook. Or, you can find me on Twitter by searching for @Casonworld. Now…go watch more Magi!

11 Kira Buckland (Ren Kogyoku)


Hello, my name is: Kira Buckland.
I play Ren Kogyoku in Magi. 

You've also heard me as:
  • Izumo Kamiki in Blue Exorcist
  • Kuroyukihime in Accel World
  • Madoka Kyono in Lagrange: Flower of Rinne

You can follow me at:

How was it like to play the "tsundere (tsun=blunt, dere=spoony)" and cute princess Kogyoku? 
When BangZoom! was promoting Magi at the last Anime Expo, I saw a big poster at their booth that had a bunch of the characters. I remember looking at it and thinking " which one would I like to voice most, if I got the opportunity?" And it was Kogyoku. But I had no idea if I'd even get to audition for the show. So when I got an e-mail saying I was cast as her, I was ecstatic! People have also told me "That looks like a character you would play." 

Who is your Anime crush in Magi? Or any other Anime/Game titles? 
Well, Kogyoku seems to think Sinbad is pretty cute...As for my personal "fictional crush" of the moment, I'd say Karkat from Homestuck! 

You've been actively involved in the industry for a long time. What does being a VA mean to you? Also, anime, games, and cosplaying! 
Voice acting is my dream and my passion, as it has been for the past ten years. Many people who follow me online ask me for tips on how to become a voice actor, and the number one thing I always tell them is "learn to act." Your character's personality is the foundation for everything you do and it needs to be believable. I do indeed love video games--some of my favorite franchises are Guilty Gear, Super Smash Bros, Ace Attorney, Dangan Ronpa, Street Fighter and many more. Cosplaying has been a hobby of mine for almost as long as I've been voice acting, and I even went as my character "Izumo" to the Blue Exorcist movie premiere! 

What is your next adventure?
You'll be able to hear me in the 3DS game "Bravely Default" as Artemia Venus and Fake Airy. I also recently got to record for something that I'm especially excited for as I'd been a fan of the Japanese version, but that one's going to be a secret for quite a while...

Do you have any message for the fans?
I hope you will come hang out with me at Anime Los Angeles! Also, coffee is delicious! 

10 Todd Haberkorn (Judar)


Hello, my name is: Todd Haberkorn.
I play Judar in Magi.

You've also heard me as:
  • Natsu in Fairy Tale
  • Ceylon in Tenkai Knights
  • Death the Kid in Soul Eater
  • Cheng-Long Liu in Blue Exorcist The Movie

You can follow me at:

How was it like to play the energetically villainous Judar?
To play such a visually interesting character was rad because it helped inform the energy I tried to use to encompass what I felt like the character would sound like in his journey.

Playing Judar could be a good stress-buster sometimes?! What's on your mind when you play a character like Judar?
Trying to make sure the director is happy! And also wondering if I'm ever going to trip over my animated ponytail.

If you have to hang out with Judar a whole day, what would you guys do together?
I'd want to learn a few magic tips so I could dominate at parties and possibly comic book stores where folks would be so impressed that they'd give me a ton of comics.

What is your next adventure?
I just finished narrating the book Gods, Heroes, and Monsters of the Greek Myths. Super excited about this audio book and hope you will be too! It comes out in January and the book form has sold over ten million, I think a few people have read it. Now I'd like a few more to listen to it! :)

Do you have any message for the fans?
Thank you for your continued support of what we're lucky enough to be a part of in the world of anime! See you at a con and keep watching!

09 Keith Silverstein (Masrur)


Hello, my name is: Keith Silverstein.
I play Masrur in Magi.

You've also heard me as:
  • Kirby O'Neal in Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
  • Coyote Stark in Bleach
  • Kimimaro in Naruto

You can follow me at:

How is it like to play the rather quiet yet charming Masrur?
You left out badass. It's fun. I admire his ability to hold his tongue until he just can't resist making a snarky comment, and of course his loyalty.

Do you think you are anything like Masrur in real life? Or do you rather shout and scream and kick butt?!
Personality-wise we're complete opposites. If anything, I talk too much. (Ask anyone I've worked with) We do, however, have very similar martial arts styles. ; )

As an established VA, what is your advice for those who want to become VAs?
As corny as it sounds, you've got to work hard, believe in yourself and be ready to face rejection and not only bounce back, but learn from it. There are a lot of resources out there to help you with the technical aspects. Use them wisely. Bang Zoom Entertainment actually teaches classes and actively looks for new talent.

What is your next adventure?
Every day is an adventure in the world of voice over. I never know what I'll be working on next. We're still churning out episodes of TMNT for Nickelodeon and you may have heard me recently as Kagemune on Aniplex's Sword Art Online.

Do you have any message for the fans?
I consider myself very lucky to be so passionate about what I do for a living. The idea that I have fans out there that appreciate what I do and follow my career is mind-blowingly wonderful. Thanks for always making me feel welcome in the voice over community.

08 Lucien Dodge (Ja’far)


Hello, my name is: Lucien Dodge
I play Ja'far in Magi.

You've also heard me as:
  • Waver Velvet in Fate/Zero
  • Dust in Dust: An Elysian Tail
  • Blue in Pokemon Origins

You can follow me at:

How is it like to voice Ja'far who could be scary or goofy at times!
It was a lot of fun! Navigating between the different facets of his personality was a real treat as an actor, whether it was going for an understated, arresting quality for his "scary" moments, or getting to go big and comical when he's flabbergasted. Even his neutral, serene disposition was an enjoyable state of mind to slip into. My only regret was that I didn't get to spend longer with him. Maybe if we get to do the second season...what Aniplex? No I'm not winking, I've something in my eye...yeah.

Tell us about some memorable moments you had while recording Magi!
Sometimes I get a little silly while recording just to keep the energy and fun up, and at one point while recording a line that read as "It's a trap!" I couldn't help but drop a Star Wars reference and perform it in my best (read: not very good) Admiral Ackbar impression.

How is it like to be part of Magi with your close VA friends?
I feel very fortunate to have been "invited to the party," and it's been really wonderful to see so many people I know in such prominent roles, particularly my girlfriend Erica Mendez who loved the show before she was ever involved with it and would have been content to play the smallest of roles. Have to thank Mami (Casting Director) at BangZoom! and Sawako (Producer) at Aniplex for helping to make that dream come true.

What is your next adventure?
There's a few video games I'm in which are coming out over the next few months, one I can talk about being Dangan Ronpa in which I play Hifumi Yamada. I also have an appearance at a convention lined up for early next year. I keep my web-site updated with all my latest voice acting news, so feel free to keep up with me there!

Do you have any message for the fans?
Thanks for your support! It's your passion that incentivizes the people who make these shows to continue making them, as well as localizing them and giving me and my brethren of silly, schizophrenic actors work! I love what I do, and I take it very seriously. I look forward to the chance at playing more fun characters in more of your favorite series in the future. Until then, enjoy!

07 Matthew Mercer (Sinbad)


Hello, my name is Matthew Mercer.
I play Sinbad in Magi.

You've also heard me as:
  • Kiritsugu Emiya in Fate/Zero
  • Leon Kennedy in Resident Evil 6 & Resident Evil: Damnation
  • Chrom in Fire Emblem: Awakening

You can follow me at:

How do you feel about voicing the charismatic Sinbad?
Sinbad is such a perfect blend of laid-back charm, swagger, innocent and honorable ideals, and capable can you not enjoy playing such a character! He's an absolute blast, and I'm thoroughly enjoying having the opportunity to bring him to life. I really appreciate his ability to see the good in most people, and maintain a "life is an adventure, I'm just along for the ride" kind of outlook...then transition into a mentoring role for some of the other lead characters.

How do you prepare yourself when going into the recording booth to play Sinbad?
Lots of drinking and looking in the mirror.
In all seriousness, it helps to just walk around with a half-cocked smile for a few minutes in advance. It helps to embody that carefree, positive persona.
Also, drinking.

Do you think you would ever cosplay as Sinbad for the fans?!
HA! I haven't the free time nor expendable funds to put something like that together myself these days, but if such an outfit were to find itself to me at a convention (and I had enough notice to get my abs up to par), it wouldn't be out of the question.
Also, drinking.

What is your next adventure?
I'll be a guest at such upcoming events next year as MAGFest, Sakuracon, Anime St Louis, Anime Matsuri...and a few others that are possibly in the works. As for upcoming projects, you can hear me as Gundahar in the newly released PS4 game KNACK, as Anarky in Batman: Arkham Origins...and another upcoming animated project I can't announce yet, but I'm sure you'll be as excited as I am. ;-)

Do you have any message for the fans?
To all those wonderful people who've been following my work, your feedback and words of encouragement are always appreciated and greatly inspiring. I'm blessed to be doing what I've always loved for a living, and it's because of YOU I enjoy it so much. I hope to get a chance to meet each and every one of you in the near future. Let your geek flag fly with pride, and maintain a positive attitude in the face of difficulty and challenge!

06 Christine Marie Cabanos (Narja)


Hello, my name is Christine Marie Cabanos.
I play Narja in Magi.

You've also heard me as:
  • Madoka Kaname in Madoka Magica
  • Shiemi Moriyama in Blue Exorcist
  • Azusa Nakano in K-ON!

You can follow me at:
Instagram: @christinemcabz
Youtube: Christine Cabanos

How was it like to play the little girl Narja?
I loved it! I really enjoy voicing little girls. She was super cute and I got to scream and cry a lot which is always fun!

You also voiced a few other little girl characters in Magi--How do you differentiate between each character's voice?
It can be difficult to voice multiple little girls because they can end up sounding similar, so age becomes very important to know. A 3 year old will have a different way of speaking than a 7 year old for example. I try to differentiate between ages with speaking quirks and slight lisps.

Tell us about your experience working with Aniplex and Bang Zoom!
Both Aniplex and Bang Zoom! have been so wonderful to work with. They make coming to work fun and I always look forward to my sessions. They've become like family to me!

What is your next adventure?
I'm going to be at Animate! Miami this January. I'm also working on new shows and games coming up that I can't wait to tell you guys about!

Do you have any message for the fans?
Thanks so much for all your support! You guys are the sweetest. I really hope you enjoy Magi!

05 Patrick Seitz (Ugo)


Hello, my name is Patrick Seitz.
I play Ugo in Magi.

You've also heard me as:
  • Agil in Sword Art Online
  • Franky in One Piece
  • Germany in Hetalia

You can follow me on:

How was it like to play the mysterious Djinn Ugo?
It was a new experience, as I can safely say that I've never voiced a giant blue djinn whose head exists separate from his body. :P Also, I'm a big fan of the original Arabian Nights, having owned multiple translations of it over the years, and it's fun to see a show explore that magical and exciting setting. Many thanks to Aniplex and Bang Zoom for letting me take part in the adventure!

How do you maintain your great voice?
I voice a lot of monsters, as well as characters with gruff voices (tough guys, orcs, demons, et cetera), so a lot of my maintenance process is making sure I give the client what they want as efficiently (read: in as few takes) as possible, and then letting my throat rest up after the fact. I think my classical/musical theater training helps me maximize what I can bring into the booth, as far as breath support and attack.

We had an open audition at Anime Expo and some winners have been chosen to voice in Magi. As a senpai (experienced/veteran) VA, do you have any advice for those who want to become voice actors?
Do theater. Do lots of theater. And once you have, do some more theater. Take voiceover-specific workshops, because there's no substitute to actual time spent in the booth in front of a microphone. And be quick on your feet, because every gig is going to be a cold read (where you only see the script when you go into the booth to record it, so there's no opportunity to practice it ahead of time.)

What is your next adventure?
I suffer from the classic voice actor complaint--working on bunches of cool stuff, none of which I can actually mention yet! Suffice it to say that I'm busy getting my 2014 convention appearance schedule sorted out, and I have some very neat projects on the horizon... :)

Do you have any message for the fans?
Thank you guys so much for your enthusiasm and your support! Despite how it feels when you're at a big convention surrounded by likeminded folks, anime is very much a niche fandom, and one that couldn't sustain itself without your passion. I love what I do, and I couldn't do it if you guys weren't showing the final product so much love. :D

04 Natalie Hoover (Toya)


Hello, my name is: Natalie Hoover
I play Toya in Magi.

You've also heard me as:
  • Yolko in Sword Art Online
  • Raven Banecroft in Rival Threads
  • Incidentals in Accel World

You can follow me on:

How was it like to play the sweet Toya?
Toya is the type of character who smiles all the time, so it was very easy for me to get into character! She's very positive about life, wants the best for everyone, loves her family...I related to her very much. It was a wonderful experience overall to play such a sweet character.

Can you tell us about your experience working with ADR Director Tony Oliver?
Working with Tony Oliver was a dream come true for me. I've taken his workshops through Bang Zoom! so working with him in the booth professionally has always been a goal of mine. I was very fortunate to work on Magi with him, and hopefully again in the future.

If you can use magic, what would you like to do?
Definitely teleportation. Or better yet, the ability to create cupcakes out of thin air...That sounds like a winner to me!

What is your next adventure?
I'll be having my first convention appearance this year in Portland, OR at NEWCON PDX! I have a few conventions in 2014 that I'll be attending as a guest lined up. Also as of next year, titles I'm in will be released so please keep a look out for them! You can check the NEWS section on my website for upcoming announcements.

Thank you ANIPLEX and Bang Zoom! for the opportunities thus far, I look forward to working with you again in the future!

Do you have any message for the fans?
Never give up on your dreams! If you think positive, believe in yourself, and work really hard towards them...Nothing can stop you! Thank you for your support, and I'll keep doing my best!

03 Cristina Vee (Morgiana)


Hello, my name is: Cristina Vee
I play Morgiana in Magi.

You've also heard me as:
  • Riven the Exile in League of Legends
  • Homura Akemi in Puella Magi Madoka Magica
  • Mio Akiyama in K-ON!

You can follow me on:

How was it like to play a character as unique as Morgiana?
There is such a challenge in creating a character who has such a rich thought life but also great control over controlling which emotions she outwardly shares with others. It's very easy to fall into a monotone, which is what I want to avoid at all costs. Morgiana's interactions with the other characters should come off as having a second layer underneath her external control at all times. To accomplish this, I have to really trust my abilities as an actor and depend on the director, Tony Oliver, to reel me in or push me farther into where I need to be to reach my intentions to the others in the show and to the audience. I've worked with Tony at Bang Zoom for many years now and I know I'm in good hands. I usually like to dress up whenever I go out, including recording sessions, but for Morgiana I found that dressing a bit more casual and even taking off my shoes during recordings really helps ground me into the character.

How do you feel about Morgiana's friendship with Aladdin and Alibaba?
Aladdin saved Morgiana's life. He gave her permission to dream of a future apart from Lord Jamil and showed her that while the world can be dark and cruel, it is also filled with warmth and light. Because of this, I believe Morgiana will follow Aladdin to the ends of the earth. As for Alibaba...let's just say I hope their future grows into something more than friendship!

Who is your favorite character in Magi?
My favorite character is Morgiana. Yes, it probably is because I play her, but that's because I know her better than the other characters! She's so strong emotionally and physically. I can't wait to see what happens to her in the future.

Can you tell us about some of your next adventures?
I've been very busy on the video game front--I think I've recorded almost 20 titles this year!--but I also have some anime titles coming out soon as well. Hear me on the new Pokemon season early next year and I'm currently in B-Daman on the CW. Madoka Magica, Lagrange, Fate/Zero, Nura, and Accel World are other Neon Alley shows you can hear me in! I try to keep my Facebook fan page up to date with my newest roles so I hope you'll follow me on there.

Do you have any message for the fans?
I want to thank you all for your support. This really is my dream coming to life and I couldn't have persevered without your positivity and love. I'll keep working to improve my art always, I'll never stop trying to be better. If you are working towards your dreams, keep your heads held high. Treat everybody with love and respect during your journey and you can't go wrong. Thank you to Bang Zoom for being the first to recognize my talent and for helping me get to where I am today and I want to thank Aniplex of America for bringing such great titles to the US and for giving us the opportunity to work on them.

God bless!

02 Erik Scott Kimerer (Alibaba)


Hello, my name is: Erik Scott Kimerer
I play Alibaba in Magi.

You've also heard me as:
  • Haruyuki Arita in "Accel World"
  • Ducker in "Sword Art Online"
  • Inugami in "Nura: Rise of the Yokai Clan"

You can follow me on:

How did you get this far after winning AX Idol 2010?
Through a lot of hard work and self growth. For years before AX Idol I trained in theater and voice over and for years after I trained more, networked, and worked at many jobs to move to and live in California, all while auditioning here and there in the meantime. It's been a long and fantastic journey that's far from over. AX Idol was a fun event. I'm grateful for the opportunities BangZoom! has given me since then. But really the event itself was just one audition out of many that it took to get me here.

How was it like to play Alibaba?
Amazing. Alibaba is such an intense and entertaining character. He is ambitious and loyal, which I can relate to very much. My favorite moments in the booth are when he gets so passionate about his goals. My own zeal for voice over and my own aspirations really helped channel that energy. Magi has a very cool and vibrant world to it and being able to explore it as an actual character in it is nothing short of an awesome feeling.

Is there anything you want to tell Alibaba?
What happened wasn't your fault, but what you're doing to make up for it is extraordinary. Keep fighting the good fight and when your debts are settled, go out and enjoy your adventure!

Can you tell us about some of your next adventures?
Now that I have an anime presence I hope to expand my acting horizons into video games, motion capture, original animation, etc. I have another big yet-to-be-announced project I'm currently working on and a couple of video games I've recorded for, so keep an ear out for me. Aside from my career, I intend on travelling a bit now that I have the means to.

Do you have any message for the fans?
Thank you so much for your support. It's so much fun being a part of a show that has such a loving and enthusiastic fan base. I hope to see you guys on the con circuit, maybe we'll sing some Aladdin songs! Until then, take care and keep following your own dreams!

01 Erica Mendez (Aladdin)


Hello, my name is: Erica Mendez
I play Aladdin in Magi.

You've also heard me as:
  • Esmyrelda Maximus in Cryamore
  • Corbin in Dust: An Elysian Tale

You can follow me on:

How was it like to play Aladdin?
Really fun! Aladdin is very cute and sweet, but he can also be serious when the situation calls for it. He's also very silly at times and it was always so hard to record scenes where he's fondling people because I had to try not to laugh at the silly sounds I was making while dubbing to the video. He's a very well rounded character and I love that about him.

What do you like about Magi?
Magi is a great show filled with action and the friendship between Aladdin, his companions, and friends he meets along the way. I don't want to share too much, but the series gets really good around the middle. Episode 17 always brings me to tears! I can't wait until the rest of the cast and I get to share our performances for that arc with everyone!

I also like that I was able to be in the show with a lot of my close friends and was able to make new friends at BangZoom! while I was there for my recording sessions. I definitely feel like my friendship with all of these people helped inspire my performance.

Can you tell us about some of your next adventures?
I'm going to be appearing at my first convention next month! I can't share the info just yet, but I'll be sure to announce it on my social media pages when I can. I'll also have a new video game role to announce later this month and a few more sometime early next year! My voice over adventure is just starting, but I hope everyone sticks with me to see where it goes!

Do you have any message for the fans?
Thank you so much for all of your support! I fell in love with Magi way before I was able to audition for it, so I hope you all are able to fall in love with it as well. Be sure to catch the English dub every Friday on Neon Alley!